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April Scott played by Rhiannon Fish

April Scott

Played by Rhiannon Fish

April Scott has fitted more into her 16 years than most adults. She’s traveled extensively, is fluent in several languages and has lived in a myriad of foreign cities and cultures. Like most who have spent their childhood moving from place to place, she has learned to be independent, like her own company (which is not to say she is a loner, far from it), be gregarious and outgoing, with the self confidence (or at least, the veneer of such) to talk to anyone, make friends quickly and fit in - or to appear not to care if she does not.

She has a worldliness beyond her years, courtesy of her travels, and is highly intelligent - although never boring and dull with it. She is quick witted and never short of a clever comeback, although they are not malicious in nature. She likes to tease, but her comments are lightly delivered, never barbed or deliberately hurtful. It’s just another way of showing off her fearsome intellect.

Her life experiences also set her apart from her peers, who have led more insular lives (they haven’t had a boyfriend in Paris, lived in an artist’s atelier, or backpacked through Tuscany). This makes her aware that she is in some ways "different" – not that she minds, embracing this by her unconventional appearance. Drop dead gorgeous, April looks good in anything, which is an advantage, since her variations on "anything" are defiantly non-conformist. She makes the occasional nod to fashion, but usually reinvents it to set her own unique style, not caring what anyone else thinks of it.

April is thoughtful, caring, and passionately committed to the things she believes in (particularly the environment – traveling the world has certainly opened her eyes to the risks to the planet’s future). She’s also endlessly open minded, ready to embrace new experiences, try new things, meet new people (on her terms), and immerse herself in whatever may come her way.

The product of a French father, her half sister Bianca, has an Italian father, and the girls maintain a fiery relationship at the best of times, but also a supportive relationship, with her older sister Bianca helping her manage her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Relationship status: Dating Dex

Family: Father is French and she has a half sister Bianca.

Living arrangements: Living with Irene and Bianca.

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Home and Away Characters

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