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Home and Away Cast

Irene Roberts played by Lynne McGranger

Lynne McGranger

Plays Irene Roberts

Lynne McGranger was born in the Sydney suburb of Paddington on January 29.

Before concentrating on her acting career, Lynne was a primary school teacher. She graduated from the Riverina College of Advanced Education in 1975. Lynne was always interested in performing. She grew up learning ballet and modern dance. Then in 1982 and 1983, she rekindled her interest by studying acting, voice, dance, mime and gymnastics with Penrith's Q Theatre.

She performed in several Q Theatre productions including Shakespeare's TWELFTH NIGHT and AS YOU LIKE IT and Alan Aykbourne's HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES.

She also appeared in productions in Melbourne for the Anthill, Playbox and Theatreworks companies and worked in cabaret and stand-up comedy.

In Melbourne, Lynne began working on some short film projects and started getting television work with a guest role on THE FLYING DOCTORS. She has since appeared in the ABC telemovie UNIT 64 (STREET ANGELS), the GLUTTONY episode of the ABC SEVEN DEADLY SINS series and SKYTRACKERS for the Seven Network.

In 1992, she joined the cast of HOME AND AWAY as a guest but became a permanent cast member in August 1993.

Over the years, Lynne's character Irene Roberts has managed to control her alcoholism, made peace with her children Fin (Tina Thomson) and Damian, who were fostered out when she could not care for them, and become an integral part of the Summer Bay community.

She is still a bit of a rough diamond but her heart is definitely in the right place. She has taken in many kids over the years: Selina, Chloe, Joey, Hayley, Will, Nick, Tasha, Belle, Annie and Geoff and has been re-united with her wayward son Nathan.

Lynne performs regularly in Pantomimes throughout the UK at Christmas. To date she has performed in Brighton, Torquay, York and Ashton- under Lyne and Southport.

Lynne lives in Sydney with her partner and their daughter.

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Home and Away Cast

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