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Home and Away Cast

Colleen Smart played by Lyn Collingwood

Lyn Collingwood

Plays Colleen Smart

Born on the 6th September in Sydney, Lyn Collingwood stars as Colleen Smart in Home and Away.

Die-hard fans of the series will remember Lyn in the early days of Home and Away as Colleen Smart. Twelve years down the track Lyn returned once again to Summer Bay to take up the role of Colleen.

Lyn is a familiar face of theatre, television and film and has been involved in films including Round Up, Children of the Revolution, Spontaneous Combustion, The City's Edge and Annie's Coming Out, just to name a few.

Lyn's television work includes Number 96, Young Doctors, Restless Years, BMX Bandits, E-Street, Rafferty's Rules, A Country Practice and All Saints.

Lyn has also done her fair share of commercials, usually playing the role of the mother serving food to her family, as she recalls.

Lyn has been involved in editorial and research work for The Australian Encyclopaedia, The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Australia and The New Age Encyclopaedia.

In a former career, Lyn was once a Drama, English and History teacher and has also worked as a social worker.

Lyn Collingwood has many hobbies and when time permits, she enjoys theatre, cryptic crosswords, oki yoga, bush walking and current affairs.

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Home and Away Cast

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