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Home and Away Cast

Geoff Campbell played by Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis

Plays Geoff Campbell

Twenty one year old Lincoln Lewis joins Home and Away as Geoff Campbell, a hard working farm boy who is yet to discover the lighter side of life.

Lincoln was born in Brisbane on 24 Oct 1987 and moved to Sydney earlier this year for the role on Home and Away. His father is the famous NRL ‘king’, Wally Lewis. While Lincoln’s family was sad to see him leave home, they’re glad to see his hard work pay off and are extremely proud of him.

Lincoln has played football all his life and while he considered following in his father’s footsteps - acting has always been his passion. His character Geoff also shows skills on the football field, so in a sense Lincoln is realising both his dreams through this role.

Lincoln has been acting since he was 13. In 2005 he had the lead role in Voodoo Lagoon and starred in Aquamarine. He was also a presenter on Kids Biz in 2006.

Lincoln’s character, Geoff, lost his parents at a tender age and has since been raised at the firm hand of his grandfather. Sensible and serious, Geoff and his sister Annie (CHARLOTTE BEST) were raised as devout Christians. After the death of their grandfather, Geoff and Annie moved to Summer Bay with Irene. Geoff struggles with reconciling his old fashioned beliefs in a modern and changing world and often finds himself at odds with his peers and friends, but is slowly learning to soften his beliefs and be more understanding and accepting of others.

“In some ways Geoff and I are the same” says Lincoln, “we both love family and footy… I’m a little more outgoing though!” And Lincoln is thrilled with his role. “The cast and crew are all down to earth and have been very supportive – which has made filming so much fun and being the new guy so much easier.”

In 2008, Lincoln won a TV WEEK Logie award for Most Popular New Male Talent and has enjoyed traveling interstate numerous times this year to represent the show, including appearing at the 2008 Perth Telethon.

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Home and Away Cast

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