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Home and Away Cast

Jai Fernandez played by Jordan Rodrigues

Jordan Rodrigues

Plays Jai Fernandez

Jordan was born in Sydney on July 20, 1992, and stars as Jai in Home and Away. Jai moves to Summer Bay on the invitation of Miles (Josh Quong Tart) as they share a special connection - while holidaying in Thailand Jai also lost his family in the Boxing Day tsunami.

Jordan took drama and acting lessons at school and studied drama at Brent Street Studios – where he saw future Home and Away co-star Charlotte Best in the corridors, but they never spoke until his Home and Away audition.

Jordan starred as Simba in the musical The Lion King for three years from 10 – 13 and attended school during the day, whilst performing at night.

When he found out he had the role of Jai, “I was ecstatic, it was something I really wanted, it’s so different to musicals and I am having a lot of fun.”

Outside of Summer Bay, Jordan is interested in dance – he has taken hip hop, jazz classes and acrobatics. Jordan is music fan with rock and hip hop as his favorite genres. Jordan also studied violin for eight years and is a self taught guitarist. He also loves skiing, snowboarding and body boarding and gets outdoors as much as possible.

On his character Jai, Jordan says, “at the beginning he is very closed and finds it hard to be social because of the trauma of his past, he feels like the world is hard to trust.”

Jordan has one older brother and sister.

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Home and Away Cast

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