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Roman Harris played by Conrad Coleby

Conrad Coleby

Plays Roman Harris

Conrad is a familiar face to Australian television audiences, most well known for his portrayal of Scott Zineko on All Saints for over three years - as well as his roles on Headland, Water Rats, Flat Chat and Always Greener.

Conrad comes from an artistic background. Born and raised in Sydney's Northern Beaches, his father Robert Coleby is both an actor and an artist, while his mother Lena Coleby is creative with textiles and ceramics. His sister Anja Coleby has also appeared in popular film and television roles.

Although Conrad started early in the business and appeared in various television series and commercials as a child- the most well known being the ‘The Milky Bar kid’, it wasn’t until high school that Conrad realised he enjoyed acting and thought of it as a career pursuit.

During school Conrad studied drama. It was his father who encouraged him to try out for his first starring role in the play ‘This is the Test’- a turning point which saw him win Best Actor award and championed his love of performing. After school he was accepted into QUT's (Queensland University of Technology) three year selective drama program where he was trained in the Eric Morris technique under Leonard Menach.

While at QUT Conrad starred in ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ as Peter. In 1999, he also starred in the QUT production of ‘Angels in America’ as Martin Hellar, directed by Mel Shapiro. In the same year, he then went on to tour London, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore with the University, as Lewis in ‘Cosi’, directed by David Fenton.

When Conrad returned he performed the role of Jerome in Sabrina Down Under alongside Lindsay Sloan, Peter O'Brien and Melissa Joan Hart.

He then graduated in Sydney 2000 and began his career in theatre. His first role was Stuey in ‘The Recruit’, a Sydney Theatre Company production, directed by Robin Nevin and starring John Howard, Leanna Walsman and Brendan Cowel. Conrad then went on to perform guest roles in Water Rats and Flat Chat and his major role in All Saints, all in the same year. Conrad also played a guest role on Always Greener whilst still working on All Saints.

During the end of All Saints, he felt the need to get back in front of a live audience and committed himself to continuing his role on the show whilst performing the role of Geoff in ‘The Club’ by David Williamson, another Sydney Theatre Company play at the Sydney Opera House directed by Bruce Miles alongside Steve Bisley, John Wood, Paul Goddard, Aaron Pederson and Jeremy Sims.

He left All Saints in 2004 and decided to try something out of his comfort zone, leaping into a principal role in a musical THE SOUTH PACIFIC as “Lieutenant Cable.

“It was a huge jump for me and completely out of my comfort zone. Barely daring to sing in front of your friends and then having to perform in front of 1500 paying customers was definitely an exciting stretch for me! I’m proud to have pulled it off”, he says.

After South Pacific Conrad went on to play Adam Wilde in Channel Seven drama, Headland.

In 2007, as well as joining HOME AND AWAY, Conrad continued his passion for theatre work playing Tom in ‘The Glass Menagerie’, directed by Michael Futcher. In the same year he also played the lead role of Billy in the feature film The Final Winter.

Conrad joins HOME AND AWAY as Roman Harris, an ex SAS officer who can be as feisty and infuriating as he can be laid back and charming. His happy surface and inner strength will soon make the locals take to him; even if they know nothing of his dark past – which is just the way he’d like to keep it.In his spare time Conrad loves photography, surfing, snowboarding, traveling and is an avid scuba diver.

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