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Home and Away Cast

Dr Rachel Armstrong played by Amy Mathews

Amy Mathews

Plays Dr Rachel Armstrong

AMY MATHEWS was born 29 March 1979 in Melbourne, but grew up in Sydney. Amy accepted a scholarship to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia before returning to Australia where she completed a two year course at the Actors Centre in Surry Hills.

Amy has been involved with the Bell Shakespeare Company, performing in their “Actors at Work” program touring high schools around Australia and Singapore.

Her television experience includes playing Mel in FOX8’s Love Bytes, guest roles on a number of major Australian dramas - All Saints, Always Greener, Blue Heelers (live episode) and Head Start as well as the BBC production Jeopardy. Amy even had a small role on Home and Away a few years ago playing a nurse and in 2007 had a role in the feature film Gabriel.

Rachel Armstrong joins the show as a psychiatric doctor taking her first job at the local hospital. She went to school with Leah and they’ve been close friends for years. At school Rachel was a gifted student who never really had to apply herself to get good grades. She later went on to medical school deciding to specialise in psychiatry.

“I am really excited to have a full time role as an actor. It’s a dream come true” Amy says.

About her character Amy says “Rachel is outgoing and fun with a sharp mind and good instincts for people. She has incredible strength and is fiercely independent. She has strong values and definite ideas about right and wrong but she is also a romantic at heart”.

Amy loves to travel and has been to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, Canada, Japan and Mexico.

Amy has a passion for theatre as well as television. Down the track she has an interest in writing and directing, believing that as an actor it is important to be multi-talented and to have entrepreneurial interests in the industry.

In 2007, Amy won the TV Week Logie for Best New Female Talent.

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Home and Away Cast

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