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Home and Away Cast

Bianca Scott played by Lisa Gormley

Lisa Gormley

Plays Bianca Scott

TNIDA graduate Lisa Gormely joins Home and Away as language teacher Bianca Scott. Bianca moves to Summer Bay nursing a broken heart but through her wit and tough exterior she keeps a firm emotional guard up.

Lisa was born in North England on September 24 1984 and moved to Barossa Valley age three, then relocated to a farm in Tasmania at 12. A country girl at heart, Lisa was immediately at home spending her formative years on the 50- acre property.

Lisa started appearing in youth community theatre, with a vivid memory of her first play Oliver. Lisa explains the attraction: "I am an only child, and was really excited to have people around me. Community theatre was how I fell in love with acting."

After completing high school Lisa travelled and worked in the UK as a flight attendant for Qantas and realised in many ways it was the same as performing: "I love people watching and psychology. I learnt a lot about people and their behavior as a flight attendant."

On her return to Australia Lisa was accepted into NIDA, graduating at the end of 2009. She secured the role as Bianca in March: "When I first read the character, I immediately felt connected to her. Bianca has the confidence every woman wants but at the same time she is very broken, her strength is her front. She is a little bit out of place in the Bay and she fights every man she meets. Her sister April is the only one she can trust to tell her how it is in life."

Outside of work Lisa loves going to the theatre, movies and socializing.

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Home and Away Cast

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