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George McMahon

We asked Dubliner George McMahon to describe himself in three words - he said 'Cheeky, Charming, Devilishy Handsome'.

So you can deduce that George isn't a master mathematician - but he is one of television's most familiar faces, probably best known for his role as loveable rogue 'Mondo' in RTÉ's 'Fair City'. At 23 years of age he has been working extensively in the business since he was 15.

George first made a name for himself back in 2000 when he took on the title role of Jamie Custer in BBC's BAFTA winning drama 'Custer's Last Stand-Up', which ran for two series.

After becoming a household name, George decided to leave 'Fair City' after two and a half years to pursue other areas of acting including; straight theatre, musical theatre and film including 'Stardust' - the award winning two-part drama. George has an irrational dislike for the phrase 'rollercoaster of emotions' and has a secret fear of wasps and bees.


George McMahon
George McMahon
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