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Cat Lundy

According to her mother, the moment Cat Lundy was born she raised her head, took a massive stretch and put her arms in the air as if to say 'I'VE ARRIVED'.

At an early age Cat discovered her dramatic flair, sifting through her mother's wardrobe to find what was to become her favourite outfit and her theatrical inspiration - a wedding dress. Her first foray into improvisation and acting involved hours spent in the dress channelling various Cinderella-esque Disney characters.

Starting music lessons from an early age, she was writing music and playing guitar from the age of 11. At 15, Cat ventured into the heady world of comedy, writing scripts and monologues and getting the opportunity to perform at a talent convention in New York. It was around this time that she first took to the stage for her debut comedy gig in Gibney's of Malahide, where she is now an irregular.

A classically trained singer in musical theatre and opera from Royal Academy of Music, Cat has started writing and recording her own music in recent years. Lately she performs live gigs with an acoustic guitar, in venues like the Hub in Dublin's Temple Bar.


Cat Lundy
Cat Lundy
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