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Brew your own Beer

Paul from Co. Clare

Paul, a retired Chef with a refined sense of taste has been brewing his own beer and wine for almost 30 years.  Actively avoiding the pub because of the slim choice of beers on offer, Paul strongly believes the quality of the beer he brews is far superior to commercial beers available in Ireland.  He feels that his home brewed wines, when matured are equal in quality to products that retail for four times the price.

In Paul’s experience the benefits of home brew are greater then just the savings on costs.  A home brew beer can be made to suit individual tastes by balancing the levels of malt, yeast and hops.  Adding different fruits or flowers, such as elderberries, blackberries, hawthorn, gorse, honeysuckle or blackcurrants, can produce a wine with character.  In addition to this, alcohol content can be controlled and Paul also knows exactly what goes into his own brewed drinks, no nasty chemicals or preservatives.
Paul makes about 90 bottles of wine a year and estimates he saves at least €1000. A pint of beer costs .40cent and a bottle of wine costs €2.
A fun hobby and savings Paul highly recommends.


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Paul gets his kits from The Homebrew Centre in Co. Clare

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