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The Brinks Allied Heist

When an armed gang robbed £2.8 million from a Brinks Allied depot in Dublin in 1995 it was the biggest ever cash raid in the history of the State. It still holds the record. While the robbery was a simple ram raid, an opportunistic, daring smash 'n' grab, it was meticulously planned and clinically executed. Staff were terrorised as shots were fired into the air before the gang made good their escape.

While those suspected of being behind it were subsequently targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau, the robbery was never solved and none of the money ever recovered.

The gang identified the Brinks Allied depot in Clonshaugh as an easily penetrable facility and set about hatching a plot - a very simple plot - to relieve it of as much cash as they could as quickly as they could.

HEIST Brinks Allied
HEIST Brinks Allied