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The Health Squad's anchor is no stranger to helping people change their lives.  Over 10 years ago with a masters degree in Social Psychology, Sheana became what's called a "Change Management Consultant" traveling all over the US and UK helping corporate professionals turn their lives around.  "We have created a society that values work over relationships, money over personal time and perceived social status over achieving our dreams.  The irony is that people are starting to recognise this but are so trapped in this social roller-coaster that they don't know how to reprioritise".

Just over 6 years ago Sheana took a bit of her own advice, stepped off the corporate treadmill and fulfilled a life long ambition, to work in television.  She began her TV career as a researcher on the hit show "Wanderlust" before becoming the health, fashion and beauty researcher on daytime's "Open House" with Mary Kennedy and Marty Whelan.  It was not long before she was snapped up as their fashion correspondent a job she cherished for 4 years.  It was while working on this show that the idea for Health Squad was born and Sheana found her most fulfilling TV role to date.  "In our busy lives it's easy to get stuck in a rut and we just need a little bit of help to get out of it.  That's what Health Squad provides for its subjects and hopefully for the audience too.  Its constructive TV that is inspirational as well as entertaining and it feels good to be a part of it".

Never one to allow herself to be caught in a rut, Sheana's career continued to soar and in 2004 she became the co-presenter of RTE's new live flagship day time show, 'The Afternoon Show.'
At 33 years of age Sheana lives in Dublin with her husband Jonathan and two children, Isabelle and Arthur.

Sheana Keane