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HEALTH SQUAD is back on RTÉ One for a fifth series.  

HEALTH SQUAD is a health and lifestyle series focusing on health and well-being and the importance of taking control of our lives. Presented by Sheana Keane, every week HEALTH SQUAD introduces viewers to a member of the public, in need of a health and lifestyle overhaul.

Each of the ten programmes features someone who learns how to improve their lifestyle and balance their lives with the help of the HEALTH SQUAD over several months.

Nutritionist Paula Mee, holistic practitioner Karen Ward and personal fitness trainer Padraig Murphy assess each volunteer, and provide them with tailormade advice, therapy and support to help them on the road to a healthier and happier life.

Each week we follow a volunteeer as they rethink their lifestyles and discover what works best for them to achieve their goals. This is the fifth series of Health Squad and it covers a range of issues which affect many of us as well as looking at more specific problems including weight management, multiple sclerosis, heart attack recovery, limb amputation, diabetes, migraines and bereavement.

Series producer Ronan O'Donoghue says: "We are bombarded with fad-diets, celebrity-endorsed exercise programmes and fashionable therapies these days. While some of these may produce temporary results, the Health Squad encourages people to take a responsible and healthy approach to their lifestyle to feel better in the long term.   

"It's important to realise that "Health Squad" never promises easy solutions. Padraig, Paula and Karen offer first-class advice, encouragement and therapy, but they don't provide a quick fix. And it's been amazing to see the volunteers respond to this, to take responsibility and put the work in to help themselves."

The Health Squad