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This Week - Sunday 29th April 2007

Tune in this Sunday for the final new episode of Hands On this series! Don't worry though - the "Best Of" Hands On starts in two weeks time where you get a second chance to see your favourite stories from this series.

This week we focus on the upcoming general election - Senan meets representatives from each of the political parties to ask about their policies and where they stand on Deaf issues. For those of you thinking about travelling this summer, Caroline Worthington takes us on a Deaf Event Trail, visiting all the most exciting Deaf events in Europe this summer. Senan has the final Deaf news this series and Molly and Mr Milk have a new adventure in Windyland!

General Election
The next general election is due to be held this May - this is your chance to choose the people and parties who will represent you in government for the next 5 years! Senan meets representatives from each of the political parties to ask about their policies and he also has some specific questions on where they stand on the issues of ISL recognition and Deaf education. Senan also has some really useful information on how to check if you're registered to vote and how the Irish voting system works. With all this info there's no excuse - get out there in May and use your vote!

Deaf Event Trail
Thinking about taking a trip this summer? Caroline Worthington shows us how to take in the sights of Europe while attending some great Deaf-related events at the same time. So if you're thinking about cheering Ireland on in the European Deaf Football Championships in Portugal or heading to Madrid for the WFD congress, why not check out this handy guide to everything Deaf going on this summer! Check out the websites below for loads more info.

News with Senan
Last year the Government of New Zealand recognised sign language as an official language. Last March the Education minister announced that Secondary school students are to be given the option of learning sign language as an official part of the school curriculum. New Zealand is one of the first countries in the world to introduce sign language to the school curriculum and the government hopes the move will increase the number of people who can use sign language.



Trouble is brewing again in Gallaudet University - and it's so much easier for the Deaf community to find out about it using Vlogs and Blogs. This time it's about the new Sorenson Language Communication Centre. The Sorenson Foundation has donated $5 million dollars towards the cost of the $28 million building. Gallaudet has sent out requests for donations to the Deaf Community, asking for their support. But the request which included a postcard "buy a brick" campaign make no reference to ASL, but refers to "Visual Language", audiology and speech pathology.

The Deaf community is incensed and Blogs and Vlogs are flying - check out these websites for more.



When we return in the Autumn St Joseph's School will celebrate its 150th Anniversary. The celebrations planned for October include a book launch, as well as a dinner dance and a Mass.

The celebrations will be held between 19-21 October in the school.

For information, email: deafheritagecentre@eircom.net


Molly and Mr. Milk - Wind!

We have another brand new Molly and Mr Milk adventure this week! Molly and Mr Milk travel through the magic window in Molly's room and end up in Windyland. Mr Milk is up to his old tricks again and has a run in with a pair of trousers - Molly to the rescue! Andrew and Shauna are back to tell us today's words - Wind, Dancing, Stuck.

To win a Molly and Mr Milk Jigsaw, all you have to do is draw a picture of Molly & Mr Milk in Windyland!

Send it with your name, address and age, to:
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Congratulations to the winner of our first Molly & Mr Milk Jigsaw - Roisin Mariga, age 7, from Waterford for a great picture of Molly! Keep sending your pictures - there are four great jigsaws to be won!


General Election

Check the Register (Am I registered to vote?)

Houses of the Oireachtas - www.oireachtas.ie/

Fianna Fail - www.fiannafail.ie

Fine Gael - www.finegael.ie

Green Party/Comhaontas Glas - www.greenparty.ie

The Labour Party - www.labour.ie

Progressive Democrats - www.progressivedemocrats.ie/

Sinn Fein - www.sinnfein.ie

Socialist Party - www.socialistparty.net

Deaf Event Trail
6th EDSO European Deaf Football Championship
Lisbon, Portugal 10-23rd June 2007

EDSO: www.f-s-s-f.org/football/5th_Announcement%5B1%5D.pdf

Portugal: www.visitportugal.com

Lisbon: www.visitlisboa.com/home.asp?lng=uk

Lisbon: www.insidelisbon.com

IDSA: www.irishdeafsports.com/

Clin d'Oeil Festival
Rheims, France 29th June - July 1st 2007
Clin d'Oeil Festival: www.clin-doeil.eu/lang2/index.html

France: www.francetourism.com/

Paris: http://english.pidf.com/

World Federation of the Deaf Congress
IFEMA Conference Centre
Madrid, Spain 16th -22nd July
WFD Congress: http://www.wfdcongress.org/
WFD: www.wfd.org
Spain: www.spain.info
Madrid: www.esmadrid.com/

Deaf Free Camp Europe
Barcelona, Spain 26th - 31st July
No website for the 2007 camp yet but you can check out last year's camp on http://dfce.signfuse.com/

Barcelona: http://www.barcelonaturisme.com/

Catalonia: http://www.publintur.es/defaultang.htm

IUK Camp
Yorkshire, England 10th - 17th August
IDYA: www.irishdeafyouth.com/iuk.html

Yorkshire: www.yorkshirevisitor.com/
Yorkshire: www.yorkshiretouristguide.com/
England: www.enjoyengland.ie

World Deaf Swimming Championships
Taipei, Taiwan 10th-18th August
World Deaf Swimming Championships: http://w2007.ncpes.edu.tw/english/

IDSA website: www.irishdeafsports.com/

Taiwan tourism: http://www.go2taiwan.net/

Greece Tourism Information: www.gnto.gr/

If you go travelling this summer, why not tell other people about it on http://www.deaftravel.co.uk/ a website with lots of information and stories, both written and signed, from other Deaf travellers.

University College Dublin www.ucd.ie

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