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This Week - Sunday 28th January 2007

This week on Hands On, Caroline Worthington attempts to dispel as a myth, the idea that Deaf people can't become primary school teachers in Ireland. We show the Irish television premiere of the short film Not From Where I'm Standing by Deaf British filmmaker Samuel Dore, and Teresa Lynch meets a man passionate about Deaf history, Liam Breen. Senan brings us a round-up of the Deaf news and Molly and Mr. Milk travel to the land of J for another exciting adventure!

Primary Teaching

As the time for filling out CAO forms approaches for many Deaf secondary school students, Caroline looks into the popular belief that Deaf people cannot become primary school teachers in Ireland. Although the Irish language requirement to enter colleges of education remains, Caroline shows us some alternative routes that could allow Deaf people teach at primary level.

Not From Where I'm Standing

Here's your chance to see a short film from multi-award winning UK Deaf filmmaker Samuel Dore. Not From Where I'm Standing is a dark comedy about the embarrassing downfall of an interpreter.
The content of this film is not suitable for younger viewers.

News with Senan

Gallaudet University has finally appointed a president that both students, academics and the board of directors can agree on.
Robert Davila, a nationally known deaf leader, is the new interim president of Gallaudet University. He took up his post this month. Davila recently retired after a career that included teaching, administration at Gallaudet and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and a post as assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Education. His new job is likely to be a difficult one.

The last presidential appointment sparked months of protest - including students blockading the university, faculty members voting no confidence, 2,000 people marching on the Capitol and more than 130 protesters arrested -- before the board rescinded its offer to former provost Jane K. Fernandes in October.
Not only will Davila need to reunify the campus, but he'll face questions that go to the very core of Gallaudet's mission and its future, as deaf education changes and scrutiny of the school increases. Last year, the school was rated as "ineffective," partly because of its low graduation rates. Gallaudet challenged that finding and a new assessment will be conducted later this year. The university gets about two-thirds of its funding from the federal government.

Due to the success of St Joseph's Spring camp for boys from both St Joseph's and mainstream schools last year, it is being held again this year. It will be held from Wednesday 21st until Saturday 24th February and is for boys between the ages of 11 and 15. For more information contact St Joseph's before February 15th- details are at the end of this page.

Molly and Mr. Milk. (Letter J)

Molly & Mr. Milk have a picnic in the land of J and eat jam and jelly!


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Not From Where I'm Standing
Samuel Dore

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