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This Week - Sunday 30th January 2005. 10.05 am

News with Senan

A Liverpudlian Deaf couple are challenging the local health authority for their right to choose their interpreter after they were not happy with the interpreter provided to them in the past.

Deaf UK cinema goers have it better than ever due to National Film Council funding which has lead to more than 130 UK cinemas now offering subtitled screenings.

Proposed US Signing town of Laurent, South Dakota will begin construction this year. The Laurent Town Crier advises you to sign up quickly if you want to stake your claim.

In Alabama, new multi-lingual machines have been installed that allow Deaf people to take their driving license test in American Sign Language.

The seventh Gay Games and Cultural Festival, which is being held in Chicago in 2006, will have full-time sign language interpretation in order to foster the key value of inclusion which the Gay Games wishes to highlight.

The Deaflympics seems to have created a phone revolution in Australia with half of Melbourne¹s pay phones offering SMS services.  Eventually all 32,000 public telephones in Australia will be text-enabled.,5478,11799452%255E2862,00.html

Finally The World Deaf Poker Tournament will be held in Florida in March. Further information and the tournament brochure is available from the Florida Association of the Deaf on


Long time Hands On presenter Alvean Jones has decided to take some time out and go to work as a volunteer for the VSO, Volunteer Service Overseas, in Gambia. Senan meets with Malcolm Quigley of VSO Ireland to find out more about the organisation and the services it provides.

Bohemian Rhapsody

We have a special rendition of Queen¹s ¼Bohemian Rhapsody¹ in Irish Sign Language.

Chatting with Teresa

Teresa Lynch meets John Bosco Conoma one of the most well know activist and academic in the Deaf community. John talks about his childhood, about growing up Deaf in a hearing family and his work on various committees.

Molly and Mr Milk

Molly and Mr. Milk take their trip to Letter Land for another adventure. This time they have to escape from the fiery flames of a dragon.



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