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This Week - Sunday 25th February 2007

This week on Hands On, Julianne invites RTÉ TV personality Duncan Stewart to her house to find out how she can save the environment by making her home more energy efficient. Robert Young has some information about the Childline Deaf Text service for our younger viewers and we catch up with Alvean Jones as some Hands On viewers take a trip to the Gambia. Senan has all the news from the Deaf world and Molly and Mr. Milk visit the land of N!

Environment - Energy Efficiency at Home

In the second item from our series about the Environment, Julianne invites Duncan Stewart from RTÉ series' About the House and Eco Eye to her home to find out how she can save the planet by reducing the amount of energy she uses in the home. Duncan gives her some great tips on how she can make her house more energy efficient - and less energy wasteful - and Julianne herself has some simple tips for you to try at home! Check out the websites at the end of this page for more information!

Childline Deaf Text

Childline is a confidential service for young people in Ireland under 18. They have set up a text service especially for young Deaf and Hard of Hearing people so you can contact them about anything you want - if you just want a chat or if you have a problem and need to talk to someone. You can also contact Childline you don't feel safe for any reason. If you want them to pass on your details to get help for you they can do that, but if you want to keep your details private you can do that too.
Here's how to use the Deaf Text service:

. Text the word DEAF to 50101

. Childline will reply asking the you to register

. You pick a nickname and send that with your age back to 50101 - for example: 'SoccerFan 15'

. You can then text as often as you like between 6pm and 10pm every day of the year including all holidays

Remember, you can text Childline about anything - you can chat about school, friends, parents, you can text if you have any problems, or just want to chat about what went on today. Childline also have an online message board at www.childline.ie

The Gambia

Wendy Murray Jr brings us her video diary from the Gambia. She and some others went over to meet Alvean Jones to find out about the life she is living as a volunteer over in Africa and the work she does with the Gambian Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

News with Senan

The World Federation of the Deaf has welcomed the recent adoption by the United Nations of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The WFD regards the most significant element of the convention as the recognition of Deaf people's linguistic rights. The new convention outlines rights to receive education and access to information in sign language, to have professional sign language interpreting, to accept and facilitate the use of sign languages, and to promote cultural and linguistic identity of the Deaf community. In addition, sign languages are defined as languages equal to spoken languages. But like many UN conventions it may not be adopted here. The World Federation of the Deaf was involved in the drafting of the convention and hopes to encourage member states of the UN to ratify it through their national representatives.

In the USA a strange dilemma faces the family and friends of murder suspect Daphne Wright. Her lawyers are arguing that she should not face the death penalty if she is convicted of murder because her deafness has caused her to have "low social, cognitive and linguistic skills". This approach has been criticised by many in the US Deaf community.

In the UK, "SignTalk", the RNID's Video Relay Service may have to close because of a lack of funding. From March 2007 the service will be reduced to one day a week for the following three months. The RNID have been running the free service since 2004 but cannot afford to continue to subsidise it and are hoping that Ofcom, the British Telecoms Regulator will offer funding alternatives. The service is estimated to cost £3 a minute. In the US, video relay services have existed for many years and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no extra cost to users. www.rnid.org.uk

In the Netherlands a new real-time text service has been launched by mobile operator KPN. This means that as you type a text, each letter appears on the recipient's mobile - kind of like the minicom service. Real-time texts are expected to become widely available soon.

Here at home a Deaf woman is challenging the state about her exclusion from jury service. Joan Clarke a mother-of-two from Galway, was prevented from serving on a jury last year and claims that a sign language interpreter should be provided to facilitate her. She says the failure to allow her to serve breaches her rights under the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Deaf people are accepted for jury service all over the US and Canada and recently New Zealand. The UK still does not allow Deaf jurors, so we may be ahead of them if Joan wins her case. The Courts are very slow moving but Joan's lawyer is hoping to get a date for the case before the summer break.

The European Parents of Hearing Impaired Children (FEPEDA) and the National Association for Deaf People (NADP) Ireland have come together to host the EuroFest07 Family Camp, which will be held from Tuesday 24th July to Sunday 29th July in Carlingford. The picturesque Louth Village will be transformed into a Deaf Village for the event.
EuroFest07 is open to families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. According to the organisers the theme of EuroFest 07 centres around the personal development of children and young adults, but the main element of the camp is FUN and CRAIC!

Molly and Mr. Milk. (Letter N)

This week Molly & Mr. Milk have an adventure in the land of N! Mr Milk takes a tumble at Night but Molly is on hand to be his Nurse!


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