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This Week - 23 April 2006

ISL Parade

On the 2nd of April hundreds of people took to the streets of Dublin in support of Irish Sign Language. This hugely successful event took place so that ISL might be fully recognised as a language in it's own right.

Health and Fitness Finale

The time has come for our Health and Fitness volunteers to step on the scales for the last time as we see the changes that have taken place over the last seven months. Hands On have a special surprise for the volunteer who has made the biggest improvement. Tune in on Sunday to find out who it is!

Every Song is a Cry for Love

Making Eurovision accessible, Eddie Redmond signs this years Irish entry "Every Song is a Cry for Love" by Brian Kennedy. This year's Song Contest will be held in Athens on the 18th and 20th of May.

News with Senan

Hearing test for all new babies
In the UK, all newborn babies will now be tested for hearing problems in the first few days after birth. More than 1,600 babies are expected to be screened each day as part of the NHS newborn hearing-screening programme. More than 1,000 babies are born each year in England with hearing loss in one or both ears. The test uses specialist equipment to measure how well a baby's ears respond to sound. A soft tipped earpiece is put into the baby's outer ear and the echo produced from sounds recorded.

Web attack upset services for Deaf
The Internet Protocol Relay Service in the US - which allows Deaf and hearing callers to talk to one another - was recently inundated wiht false requests for service. Basically, hackers attacked the service. The flood of fake requests, called a "denial of service attack", prevented communications assistants from processing legitimate calls quickly.
The Federal Communications Commission estimates that IP Relay Service providers will supply 99,500,000 minutes of services in the 12-month period ending next July.

Deaf Actor to star in Jane Austen film
A Dublin Deaf man, Philip Culhane has won a part in a new movie: Becoming Jane - a biographical portrait of Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irish man. Philip will play the part of George, Jane Austen's Deaf brother. Anne Hathaway will play Jane. The movie also stars Maggie Smith and Julie Walters.

Ladies Basketball Team wins league,
Congratulations to St. Vincent's Ladies basketball team, who won their first league title in 10 years. They won the inter 2 league. The team coach is Paul O'Callaghan and the team includes Hands On presenters Sarah Jane Moloney and Caroline Worthington.


The Irish Deaf Youth Association are proud hosts for the European Union of the Deaf Youth Camp which is to be held in Dublin, Ireland from the 8th-15th August 2006. The theme of the camp is "Achievements of a new Sign Language Community". Speakers include Rachel Bastiker from the BDA who will discuss the success of achieving BSL recognition and EUDY president Thomas Felipe, who will discuss the importance of Sign Language in a new emerging Europe.

IUK Camp

The third IUK camp organised by the Deaf Youth Workers Forum in conjunction with the Irish Deaf Youth Association will be held in Co. Down this year from the 24th-30th July. 8 Participants between the age of 13-17 will attend along with 2 leaders. The theme of the camp is "Deaf Diversity".

NAD Summer Camp

The NAD Summer Camp will be held in Kilfinane Outdoor Education Centre, Co. Limerick from 14th to 18th August. Participants must be aged between 10-17 and siblings are also invited. Costs for the camp is 160 Euro (including transport form Dublin to Kilfinane).
Activities include: Hill walking, kayaking, rock climbing, raft building, windsurfing, an assault course, bowling, a quiz etc.
There are only 30 places. If you wish to take part contact Damien Owens at the address below before the 21st of July:
National Association for Deaf People,
Laurelle Plaza,
Church Street,
Co Offaly.
Tel: (057) 9351606
Fax: (057) 9326425
Minicom: (057) 9351606
Text/Videophone: (057) 9326421

Deaf Scouts International Camp

The Deaf Scouts will host an international camp for 10 days from the 31st of July to the 10th of August. 7 Countries are coming to Ireland for the camp.
For further details contact Kevin Mulqueen: kgmulqueen@eircom.net

Making of Molly & Mr. Milk (Z)

Three years ago Hands On decided to include something in the programme for children and so Molly & Mr. Milk were born! As Molly & Mr. Milk have now visited all 26 letters of the alphabet, Caroline Worthington explains how the cartoon is made. You'll also get another chance to see Molly and Mr. Milk visit the land of Z, where they take a trip to the zoo and meet some old friends!
To win a Molly and Mr. Milk T-shirt for you and your class, all you have to do is draw a picture of a zoo full of animals and send it, with your name, address and age to:

Hands On
6 Wilton Place
Dublin 2.

Congratulations to last week's Molly & Mr. Milk competition winners: Ellen McDonald from Co. Carlow and Barry Lohan from Co. Roscommon. T-Shirts are on their way to you!


Brian Kennedy

Dublin Deaf Scouts
Fax: 01 8827535
Mobile: 086 1671754
Email: kgmulqueen@eircom.net

Eurovision Song Contest

Irish Deaf Society (IDS)
30 Blessington Street,
Dublin 7
Minicom: 00353 1 860 1910
Fax: 00353 1 860 1960
Tel: 00353 1 860 1878

Irish Deaf Youth Association
30 Blessington Street,
Dublin 7
Fax: 353 1 8601960
Tel: 353 1 8601878
Minicom: 353 1 8601910
SMS: 085 7374734
Email: info@irishdeafyouth.com

Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute
Ashgrove House,
Kill Avenue,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin
Email: info@indi.ie

Mandala Spa
La Stampa Hotel,
35 Dawson Street
Tel: 01 6717099
Fax: 01 6713696

Warner Brothers
Westpark Fitness
Greenhills Road,
Dublin 24
Tel: 01 4626911

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