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Hands On will be back on Sunday April 15th

  • Hands On will not be shown this week, Sunday 7th April due to Easter Sunday Masses, but we'll be back next Sunday April 15th with another great show.
    See you then!

This Week - Sunday 25th March 2007

  • Today Hands On is all about technology! Sarah Jane and Caroline Worthington show you how to be part of the e-Deaf community by making your own Vlog, Eddie Redmond meets Marcus Turley, a Deaf man who set up the European Relay Service (ERS) that enables Deaf people to make phonecalls via the internet and Caroline McGrotty introduces us to the online Deaf Bebo community. We have another brand new Molly and Mr Milk about weather and Senan brings us a roundup of the Deaf news.


  • Searching the internet, Sarah Jane and Caroline discover the e-Deaf community - Deaf people from all over the world signing in different places on the web, whether it's signed songs, signed information, jokes or - whatever! - Deaf people from anywhere in the world are really only a mouse-click away. The girls decide to set themselves a challenge and make a Vlog (Video Log - like a blog, only through ISL!)- so they can be part of the global e-Deaf community too! Watch this Sunday to find out how you can make your own Vlog and check out the Hands On Bebo site to see theirs -

European Relay Service

  • Just over a year ago, an Irish man named Marcus Turley set up the European Relay Service (ERS) which provides technology for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-blind, Deafened and speech disabled people to make and receive phonecalls via the internet - without a minicom. Eddie meets Marcus to find out why he set up the service and how it works.


  • To win a Blackberry Pearl 8100 courtesy of Vodafone and one month's free subscription to ERS just answer this question:
     What does ERS mean?
    Text your answer to 086 173 6131
    Email your answer to
    SMS messages are charged at your usual network rate.
    The winners will be picked at random. Remember,  you  must   include   your   name, address   and   age .    Good   Luck !


  • Caroline McGrotty - our new Hands On presenter - introduces us to the world of Bebo. Bebo is a website that allows each member to have their own webpage or Bebo profile. It's developed into an online community where anyone with a page can post pictures and videos, write blogs and send messages to each other. It has over 1 million users in Ireland and that figure is growing every day! Loads of Deaf people have embraced the online Bebo community and Caroline introduces us to some hardcore Bebo fans who tell us how they use the site and why they love it so much! Don't forget to check out the Hands On Bebo site -

News with Senan

  • 3G video-calls offer Deaf people a way to sign to each other over the mobile phone network, but it's not always possible to make this kind of call, usually because the network bandwidth isn't high enough to sign with your mobile. Often it's only high enough in cities and not in the country, there are also problems with the bandwidth when too many people are using it. 

    Now researchers are developing a way to focus on the parts of the face, hands and arms that are used when signing.  The system cuts down on the bandwidth needed by only sending data about which parts of each frame have changed.  It selects the hands and face and uses a normal mobile network to make a video call, meaning that you won't need to be in a city or have a great signal to make a call.  Also, you'll be able to make calls using 2G or GSM phones with a camera and you'll be able to make calls anywhere, city or country.

    In the UK a new service called Mouse is offering BSL to English translation via the web.  They offer BSL to English translation, plain English, proofreading, editing and copywriting.  The service is run by registered Deaf and hearing BSL interpreters. If you are an ISL user and would like to use the service, contact Mouse and they will try to accommodate you.

    There was one, then two, and now we have five cinemas that provide subtitles - four in Dublin and one in Galway.  Recently UCI - Blanchardstown, Coolock and Tallaght have started to screen films with subtitles, joining Cineworld in Dublin and the Eye cinema in Galway.  The subtitles are shown on selected screenings at specific times. Check out this website for all the details of subtitled screenings in your area:

    And finally the BTSB have confirmed that they will allow Deaf donors to attend with registered interpreters - so go on give a pint!

Molly and Mr. Milk - Spring!

  • We have another brand new Molly and Mr Milk adventure this week! Molly and Mr Milk travel through the magic window in Molly's room and end up in Springland! They play with springs and release some flowers too early! The Sun isn't happy and sends down lots of rain! Andrew and Shauna are back to tell us today's words - Spring, Play, and Beautiful!
    To win a Molly and Mr Milk Jigsaw, all you have to do is draw a picture of Molly & Mr Milk in Springland!
    Send it with your name, address and age, to:
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