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This Week - Sunday 21st May 2006

Ger Boyce

Last year Senan went to Limerick to meet Ger Boyce, a man who overcame his battle with testicular cancer. Ger tells him about the moment he realised there was something wrong, how he was diagnosed, and about his treatment. He talks about communicating with his doctor and gives some serious advice to male viewers.

The Gambia

In December, Kellie Keys travelled to The Gambia to visit former Hands On presenter, Alvean Jones. Alvean has been living there for a year and works as a VSO volunteer in the Gambian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (GADHOH). In Kellie's video diary, we're introduced to some of the people who work for GADHOH as they tell us about the work they do for Deaf people in The Gambia. We also have a look at how Kellie and Alvean enjoyed their time in The Gambia!

Eastern European Deaf

Karel Cerny & Libuse Cerná from the Czech Republic moved to Ireland two years ago. They talk to guest presenter, Paul Etuh, about the difficulties they faced when applying for work in Ireland and how they've been received by the Irish Deaf community.

Every Song is a Cry for Love

Making Eurovision accessible, Eddie Redmond signs this years Irish entry "Every Song is a Cry for Love" by Brian Kennedy. This year's Song Contest will be held in Athens on the 18th and 20th of May.

Molly & Mr. Milk (V)

This week Molly and Mr. Milk visit the land of V where they meet an unhappy Viking and Vampire!


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