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This Week - Sunday 15th April 2007

  • We have another great episode of Hands On for you this week! In the final instalment of our Environment series, Caroline McGrotty shows Ronan Dunne how to reduce the size of his Carbon Footprint, Teresa meets former Hands On presenter Alvean Jones on a flying visit back from The Gambia and we have follow up item about the Catholic Institute for the Deaf's Strategic Review - one year on, what's happening now? Keep watching for a roundup of the Deaf news from all over the world and another brand new Molly and Mr Milk!

    Environment - Carbon Footprint
    Ok, so we've been rabbitting on all series about the Environment and what we can do to stop global warming and save the earth - Sarah Jane and Caroline learned about recycling and Duncan Stewart showed Julianne how to save energy at home, but now it's time to go back to basics. Caroline McGrotty follows Ronan Dunne around for the day and shows him all the little things he's doing - without even thinking! - that are contributing to global warming and the climate crisis; in other words, the size of Ronan's Carbon Footprint. Watch Hands On on Sunday to see how your own footprint measures up and check out the websites below for loads of great tips on how you can do your bit to save our planet!

    Chatting with Teresa - Alvean Jones
    On a recent flying visit home from The Gambia, former Hands On presenter Alvean Jones took the time to meet Teresa for a quick chat about the work she's doing as a volunteer at the Gambian Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (GADHOH). She also reminisces about her time as a presenter, researcher and associate producer on Hands On and talks about her plans for the future.

    Catholic Institute for the Deaf - Strategic Review
    Last year we met CID chairman, Fr Michael Cullen, and independent consultant, Philip Ryan, to talk about the Strategic Review that had just been commissioned. During the course of the review a huge number of people from the Deaf community and those involved in Deaf education were interviewed to find out what people's hopes and views were for the future of the Deaf community.

    Now that the strategic review has been published, we catch up with Fr Cullen and CID board member Maura Buckley to find out what the report contained and what's going to happen next.
    You can read the Strateic Review here:

    News with Senan
    Deaf people in Japan who worked on the film Babel are upset that spoken Japanese is not subtitled in the Japanese release of the film and they have launched a petition asking that spoken Japanese be subtitled.

    The film, which was nominated for an Oscar, has Japanese subtitles for scenes that are in English, Spanish, Arabic and sign language but does not have captions for Japanese dialogue. The film's distributor "apparently never thought about the problem" until contacted by a sign language interpreter who worked on the film.  

    The world's first mobile sign language dictionary has been launched by the University of Bristol's Centre for Deaf Studies. is a video dictionary with over 5,000 British Sign Language signs.  It is a mobile accessory for people who work with Deaf people, have Deaf customers or just want to learn to sign.
    The dictionary has been specially designed for mobile phone displays.  Users either type in the word or choose from an alphabetic list.  The signs do not appear until users ask for a download, to avoid unnecessary charges.  The service is provided completely free, all you need is a mobile with a video player or a 3G phone.  

    And don't forget the IDS is organising an ISL Pride March on Saturday April 21st. Those who wish to march should gather at 1:30 pm at Parnell Square North (just around the corner from the Garden of Remembrance). The Parade leaves from North Parnell Street at 2pm and ends in St Stephen's Green park. Afterwards marchers will be gathering at the Rusell Court Hotel from 7pm (free admission).
    The IDS are also planning a second parade this September as part of ISL Awareness Week which will run from the 22nd until the 28th of September. Keep an eye on the IDS website for any

    The Elisha Cahill Pink Ladies Fashion Show will take place on Sat 12th of May @ the Ormonde hotel in Kilkenny city.
    The show starts @ 8pm and disco at 11 pm. and bar until 2.30 am
    Arrive early for seating and photographs
    It's formal wear - ladies in dresses (pink if you have them!) and guys in shirt and trousers.
    Tickets are 20 euro.
    For tickets and more information, including accommodation info, please contact Brian on 085 7379948.

Molly and Mr. Milk - Rain!