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Hands On

This Week - Sunday 12th March 2006.

This week on Hands On, guest presenter Paul Etuh talks to a Deaf couple from the Czech Republic who have moved to Ireland in an attempt to find work and build better lives for themselves. Teresa chats with Kevin Mulqueen, who has become fully involved in the Deaf community, despite only discovering ISL the last 7 or 8 years. Sarah Jane and Caroline play Chinese Whispers at the National Museum and we have Senan with the world Deaf news. Last, but by no means least, old favourites Molly and Mr. Milk revisit the land of W!

Chinese Whispers

Sarah Jane and Caroline grab some volunteers and take over Collins Barracks for a game of Chinese Whispers!!

Eastern European Deaf

Karel Cerny & Libuse Cerná from the Czech Republic moved to Ireland two years ago. They talk to guest presenter, Paul Etuh, about the difficulties they faced when applying for work in Ireland and how they've been received by the Irish Deaf community.

Chatting with Teresa

This week Teresa meets Kevin Mulqueen, a young man who has only found his place within the Deaf community in the past 7 or 8 years. They chat about Kevin's experiences in both mainstream and Deaf schools and his decision to apply for the Fulbright scholarship. Kevin also discusses how his time in Gallaudet, and his study of American Sign Language, led to his interest in ISL and his decision to study at the Centre for Deaf Studies.

Cochlear Implants

Hands On are still looking for people with different views on Cochlear Implants than those expressed in our programme on February 26th. If you would like to share your opinion on the topic of Cochlear Implants, please contact us with your views.

Email: handson@mindthegapfilms.com
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Tel: 01 6624742

News with Senan

Accreditation of Interpreters.

The first accreditation of Interpreters since 2000 will be held in June this year. 28 students have graduated from the Centre for Deaf Studies with diplomas in interpreting, since the last accreditation board met. Budding interpreters will have their skills assessed by a panel of experts and the successful ones will be registered. The aim is to have all interpreters working in Ireland go through the accreditation system thus improving the interpreting service for everyone.

Wales to get more Interpreters

The Welsh office has announced plans to train 36 interpreters and develop a post-graduate course for BSL interpreters. This in a country where there are estimated to be 3,000 Deaf people. The government has allocated £2.7 million for the scheme.

Irish Director for the European Union of the Deaf

A hearing Irish woman, Mairead O Leary, has become the new director of the European Union of the Deaf.

Mairead has worked in Brussels since 1999 and is very familiar with the labyrinthine functioning of EU institutions, lobbying, public affairs and the multiple sources of funding available across the EU. When appointed she said "It is important that the progress made by the EUD to date be built on to ensure full citizenship for Deaf people throughout Europe. I can assure you of my commitment to this objective" She is open to suggestions from Deaf people across Europe on the best way to develop the EUD Secretariat.

Hands On competition

We had lots of entries for our last DVD Competition. This week we have copies of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".

Name another famous film with Bang Bang in the title.

Text your answer to 086 173 6131 or Email your answer to handson@mindthegapfilms.com

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The winners will be picked at random and announced on the show. Remember you must include your name and age. Good Luck!

Molly and Mr. Milk. (Letter W)

This week Molly and Mr. Milk have another adventure, in the land of W. Molly makes water with her wand and Mr. Milk is transformed into a whale!


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