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This Week - 6 April 2008

Cathy Heffernan
Cathy Heffernan
Ronan and the crew
Ronan and the crew
Yvonne Carolan
Yvonne Carolan

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Tune in this Sunday for our programme all about the media! The media plays a huge role in all our lives, so why are more Irish Deaf people not getting involved, when the UK, for example, has a thriving Deaf media industry? We meet some of the few Deaf people who are involved in the media whether as a career or a hobby. We'll also be giving you a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes at Hands On - and an opportunity to kick-start your media career!

One Deaf person making a great career in the Media is former Hands On researcher Cathy Heffernan. Cathy now writes for the Guardian Newspaper in London, she tells us all about her career path up till now and how, sometimes, being Deaf can actually be an advantage when applying for jobs. Louis Neethling is an award winning Deaf TV and film director, with 15 years experience under his belt. He is over in Ireland directing Hands On and tells us about what the UK media industry is like for Deaf people at the moment and some of the barriers faced. He also gives advice on getting started and finding work in the Media.

Behind the scenes at Hands On, Sarah Jane Moloney tells us about all that's involved in the making of a programme. She also encourages more Deaf people to get involved and apply to work on Hands On.

We go to Irish Deaf News to meet Yvonne Carolan who talks about working as editor. We find out what her job involves and how important it is for Deaf people to have a voice.
Raymond Watson who has become well know from the short films he makes and shares through his Bebo page talks about making short films as a hobby. Also we meet Michael Hudson who was involved in a project with The National Deaf Children's Society and BBC Blast which involved a group of young people making their own short film.

We also have some great short films and animations made by Deaf people from all over the world.

Short Film Comp
Watch as Sarah Jane explains how you can enter your short film into our Short Film Competition...

To go with our special programme about Deaf people working in the media we'd like to challenge the Irish Deaf Community to get creative and submit an idea for a 3 minute short film. You can enter by sending us a script, draw a storyboard or make a rough version of your idea for a film on your digital camera or even your phone and send it to Hands On before June 1st. We'll pick the best entry and winner gets to work with a professional team to make a great quality version of the winning film!
The best films sometimes have very simple stories, so be realistic and use a simple location, a small cast and don't go mad with special effects! Take a look at Louis's film, Coming Out, which won "Best Director" at this year's Wolverhampton Deaf film festival, for inspiration!

Coming Out

If you are new to script- writing, it is best to write it like a short story. There are also lots of websites where you can look at scripts for your favourite films and use them as an example of how a script is written. Don't worry if the English in the script isn't perfect!

Storyboards are a great way to visualise your film on paper. You don't have to be able to draw to make story boards, stick figures are fine. The idea is that you have a drawing for each shot in the film, this may sound like a bit of work but it really helps you to think through the structure of the film properly. Storyboards are used on all professional films, take a look at this film clip from the movie Taxi Driver, the original storyboards are shown with each shot.

You can print of a blank storyboard template here: http://www.csupomona.edu/~wcweber/325/storybd.htm

You can always film a basic version of your film on a digital camera or even your phone if the quality is ok. It should be no longer than 3 mins! Don't worry about complicated shots or making it look great. Just use it as a basic way to show us your story. If you do this it would be a good idea to put in storyboards or a rough script to go along with it.

To send us your rough film it's best to load it on to your computer and burn it on to a CD or DVD and send it to us at:
Hands On
6 Wilton Place
Dublin 2

If the file size is small - under 10mb - you can email it to us at handson@mindthegapfilms.com

There are also lots of other websites and forums that have advice on making films, try www.filmmakersnetwork.ie/forums/

Below are films from Deaf Director Sam Dore. You can get more info at his website www.bursteardrum.net/
Chronic Embarrassment

Not From Where I'm Standing


You can see Raymond Watsons short films at his Bebo page which is:

Remember short films don't need a big story or lots of talking or signing, take a look at this award winning Irish short film Teeth.


Remember you have until June 1st to get your film scripts, storyboards or roughly shot versions in, so start working on them now! We'll help the winner to make their script into a great short film which will be shown on Hands On and will also have an exclusive screening at Deaffest - the popular annual Deaf film festival in Wolverhampton. You'd never know, it could be the first step in becoming the next Steven Spielberg!

Don't miss it! Hands On this Sunday at 10.45am on RTÉ One!

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