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This Week - Sunday 4th June 2006

Steve Cammillare

Eddie Redmond meets Steve Cammillare and his family. Steve tells us how losing his hearing at 44 has changed both his and his family's lives. He and his wife, Sarah, talk about the initial struggle to cope with Steve's hearing loss, and their plans for the future - Steve is studying to be an ISL tutor and Sarah hopes to become a sign language interpreter.

Teresa's Column

This week, Teresa meets reflexologist, Mary Regan. Mary tells Teresa about her lifelong dream to work in medicine and her disappointment at being told she could never be a nurse because she is Deaf. She describes her five-year struggle with anorexia and how she overcame her battle with the eating disorder. Mary also talks about her work with the Deaf Blind in St. Joseph's home, working with the IDS and the award she recently received from Deaforward.

Charity Fashion

Caroline Worthington checks out Dublin's Charity shops to see if she can put together some great outfits on a budget!


At Outhouse on Capel St, Eddie met with Greenbow Chairperson, John Fennell, Greenbow Secretary, Dominic McGreal, and a new member of the society, Terry Cullen, to discuss why Greenbow was set up, what services it provides for the Deaf gay and lesbian community and how the society plans to celebrate its ten year anniversary.

Molly & Mr. Milk (W)

This week Molly and Mr. Milk visit the land of W, where Mr. Milk gets transformed into a whale!


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