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This Week - Sunday 3rd December 2006

Sarah Jane and Caroline warm up
Sarah Jane and Caroline warm up
Seán lends a hand
Seán lends a hand
Teresa Lynch
Teresa Lynch

This week on Hands On we have a report on Universal Newborn Hearing Screening. Sean Herlihy sets Sarah Jane and Caroline a Deaf Busking Challenge and in our first Teresa's Column of the series, Teresa meets Occupational Therapist and Gallaudet graduate Cathy McCormack. We also have old favourites Molly and Mr. Milk and Senan brings us the news from around the Deaf world.

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
The NAD and Irish Society of Audiology have been lobbying for UNHS for many years in the hope that every child in Ireland will have their hearing tested within the first few weeks after birth. As UNHS is continually being introduced in countries around the globe, we ask what plans are in place for introducing UNHS in Ireland and whether parents whose children are diagnosed deaf through UNHS will be informed of ISL and Deaf culture.

Deaf Busking Challenge
Inspired by Grafton Street's busking scene, Sean Herlihy sets a challenge for Sarah Jane and Caroline - they have 24 hours to prepare an ISL performance and €15 each to spend on costume and props. What's the catch? They have to perform on Grafton Street the next day and earn back the money they've spent!

Teresa's Column
Cathy McCormack is an Occupational Therapist who studied in Gallaudet University. Cathy tells Teresa Lynch about her experience growing up in a hearing family and struggling through mainstream school as well as finding the Deaf community and sign language at 18. She also discusses her decision to get a cochlear implant and her goal to increase Deaf awareness in the field of Occupational Therapy.

News with Senan
The Italian Association of the Deaf held a nationwide march in October, walking from Turin to Rome to demand that the government pass a bill to recognise Italian Sign Language. They were supported by members of parliament and Italian sports personalities.

Jeff McWhinney has been nominated for the Guardian Public Servant of the Year Award for creating SignVideo, which remotely connects British Sign Language interpreters to local government and health offices. The new technology brings sign language interpreters into public services, a breakthrough that is changing the lives of Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Jeff demonstrated the equipment on Hands On two years ago. SignVideo, subscriptions start at £200 a month, giving instant access to a BSL interpreter, either via the screen of a video conferencing unit or a video phone. The winner of public servant of the year will be announced on 5 December.

At the Abbey theatre there will be an interpreted performance of the play 'School for Scandal'. An eighteenth century equivalent of 'Hello' magazine, it's a glittering comedy of tittle-tattle and style written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The performance will be an interpreted by Amanda Coogan on December 11th.

Greenbow are planning an ice-skating event in December and if you've started thinking about New Year's Eve, check out the IDYA website for details of their James Bond themed party.

Molly and Mr. Milk. (Letter G)
In the land of G, Molly and Mr. Milk meet a Giraffe and a Gorilla!

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