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This Week - Sunday 2nd July 2006

This week, on the Best Of Hands On, Teresa Lynch meets ex-Bohemian's footballer Tim Grace, you have a second chance to see our controversial report about cochlear implants, and Eddie meets an Ulster Motocross champion.

Teresa's Column (Tim Grace)

Teresa interviews ex-Bohemian's footballer, Tim Grace. Tim has six Deaf children and has been involved in the campaign for better Deaf education. He tells us about the various football clubs he has played for and his work with the Irish Deaf Society, the Irish Deaf Sports Association, the Tallaght Deaf Club and the Deaf Scouts.

Cochlear Implants

It has been five years since Hands On has addressed the subject of cochlear implants. When we returned to the subject this year we found that there have been a lot of changes and that more Deaf people were willing to talk positively about cochlear implants. Eddie met with Gary Norman, an audiologist at the Cochlear Implant Department in Beaumont Hospital, who tells us exactly what a cochlear implant is, what it does, and the potential risks of the operation. Eddie also met with Deborah Ennis and Peter McLoughlin, Deaf parents whose daughter, Leah, has gone through the Cochlear Implant programme. They tell us about making the difficult decision to have Leah implanted and the reaction they received from the Deaf community. Finally Eddie met Philip Quearney, who became Deaf as a young man and believes a cochlear implant will improve his quality of life.

When we filmed this story early this year, we asked for people with differing views on cochlear implants to come forward with their opinions. Despite our best efforts we have been unable to find anyone prepared to appear on Hands On, and express an opposing view on cochlear implants. If you feel strongly about this issue please contact us:

Email: handson@mindthegapfilms.com
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David Hobson, a Deaf motocross biker from Belfast, started biking seven years ago when he was 21. Since then he has won the Northern Ireland Motocross Championship and was runner-up in the All Ireland Championship. Eddie Redmond met with David at the Longshot MX track in Lisburn where David shows off his biking skills and tells Eddie about his passion for the sport.

Molly and Mr. Milk. (Letter Y)

This week Molly and Mr. Milk visit the land of Y where they meet some cows and paint them yellow!


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