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This week - 2nd March 2008

News with Senan
News with Senan

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Tune in this Sunday for a great show! Guest presenter, Deirdre Byrne Dunne, brings a report about a new Bill being debated in the UK government which could have implications for the future of the Deaf community. Sean gives Caroline and Sarah Jane a less than glamorous challenge at Dublin Zoo. Chatting with Teresa is back - but with a difference - as Eddie Redmond takes the driving seat! We also have news with Senan and a great new Molly & Mr. Milk!

Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill
Deirdre Byrne Dunne looks into a controversial new UK Bill which could have a massive impact on the future of the Deaf community. The Bill called The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is currently being debated in the Houses of Parliament and, if passed, will have implications for Deaf couples going through IVF and Deaf people who wish to become egg or sperm donors. The Bill has prompted outrage in the Deaf community worldwide and the launch of the Stop Eugenics campaign by those who believe that the Bill, in it's current form could lead to the eradication of the Deaf community.

Deirdre finds out the truth behind the sensational media coverage and if the Bill has any implications for Ireland. She meets Professor Robert Harrison from Human Assisted Reproduction Ireland (HARI) who explains what IVF is and the current situation in Ireland. Professor Andrew Green from the National Centre for Medical Genetics explains what the Bill will mean for Deaf couples going through IVF both in the UK and Ireland and about genetic testing of embryos produced through IVF. John Bosco Conama gives us his views on the social impact of the Bill, and how it is likely to impact people's attitudes towards the Deaf community.

Caroline and Sarah Jane
Sean gives Sarah Jane and Caroline their toughest challenge yet! A visit to the Zoo, only this time - they're working there! Sean gives them 60 mins to complete various Zoo Keeping tasks like feeding live worms to the Abyssinian ground Hornbills, looking through Rhino dung, cleaning the elephants and feeding the Lemurs! They're punishment for not completing the task is spending the night in the Zoo so they'd better hurry! Tune in on Sunday to see if they'll pass the task!

Chatting With Teresa
This week on Chatting with Teresa, Teresa meets...Well she doesn't get a chance to meet anyone! Eddie Redmond jumps in and turns the questions on Teresa. We find out about her busy life, growing up and school, her time spent living in the US and the difference between the Deaf communities here and there and how she came to be one of Hands On's best loved presenters!

News with Senan

Before Christmas we brought you an update about the shaky future of the Irish Association of Sign Language Interpreters. We can now reveal that after 20 years of IASLI (originally called The Interpreters Group from 1987 - 1994) members voted to dissolve the organization in December. There is now no formal professional body representing ISL/ English Interpreters in Ireland.
The final press release from IASLI stated that the members would be refunded their subscriptions and that any outstanding resources would be divided up and given to various charities & benevolent funds.

CID Chief Executive
After months of searching, the Catholic Institute for Deaf People(CIDP) who are responsible for both St Mary's and St Joseph's Schools, Drumcondra Deaf Club and St Joseph's House in Stillorgan have chosen a new Chief Executive.
He is Liam O'Dwyer from Dublin. He has had no prior links with the Deaf community but in a statement told us that he plans to learn ISL. He said that he applied for the role of CEO because the strategic development planned by the CIDP will facilitate Deaf People in Ireland working together in partnership which will enable the Community take ownership of its own destiny. He said 'This I believe is unique in Ireland and I am delighted to be part of this initiative.'

SLIS Website/ launch
The Government funded national Sign Language Interpreting Service, SLIS has finally revealed its new website. You can book an Interpreter online and some parts of the website are in ISL and written English.
To find out more about this website, please go to www.slis.ie

Molly & Mr Milk
We have a great new Molly and Mr. Milk this week. As our heroes continue their search for the letters stolen by the moon, they visit a Chocolate factory and Greedy Mr Milk stuff's his face with sweets! To win one of four beautiful Molly & Mr Milk Jigsaw's, draw a picture of your favourite food and send it to :
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