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The Chef: Dylan McGrath

Dylan McGrath is on a mission - he wants to become the best chef in Ireland and he's already well on the way. His acclaimed restaurant Mint in Dublin's plush Ranelagh is the toast of the capital and a favourite with diners and critics alike. Raised on the mean streets of West Belfast Dylan didn't know his foie gras from his elbow until he stumbled into catering college. Since then he has worked with some of the biggest names in Ireland and the UK but his ambition means he won't stop until he reaches the very top. Dylan not only considers himself a top chef but also an artist and his food is a visual symphony for the eyes. To prove this, and to prove to the importance of our senses, Dylan wants to serve his food in complete darkness, challenging his diners to hone their taste buds, and challenging himself to cook on a whole new level.


The Venue: Royal Hospital Kilmainham

The venue for Dylan's Guerrilla Gourmet challenge is the historic buildings of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham. For this challenge however, it is not so much the visual setting, as what can't be seen that is unique. This time, the diners have to eat in total darkness! They will be led by hand into a completely black room and will be presented with food they cannot see!

All chefs are taught that the first bite is with your eyes and Dylan is undeniably one of the most visually impressive chefs in Ireland. He still plans to present his dishes in the same way as he would in his restaurant Mint.

But Dylan will have to rely on taste and flavour alone if he is to wow his twenty-four guests.

No matter what happens, the guests are guaranteed a truly one-off Guerrilla Gourmet experience.


The Recipes:

Lemongrass and pomegranate dessert

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Dylan McGrath
Dylan McGrath