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The Chef: Anita Thoma

Anita is the new kid on the Guerrilla Gourmet block. While she has been cooking all her adult life, she only recently grabbed the reins of her own business and has been jockeying Dublin's Il Primo into a winning position ever since. Anita has a great food heritage. Her father emigrated to Ireland in the 40s from Switzerland, part of a wave of Continental chefs who brought a new flair to Irish cuisine. His immaculate chef whites inspired her to follow his footsteps and now she brings diners to Bacchanalian heights with her Mediterranean menu and personally sourced Tuscan wines. For Anita, cooking is performance and every service begins with a pep talk. So to explore how food and performance blend Anita brings her Guerrilla Gourmet restaurant to the circus. And she's not clowning around.


The Venue: Fossett's Circus

Fossett's Circus has been entertaining the Irish public since the late 18th Century. Today, acknowledged as an Art form, the circus is being brought to the next level by the latest generation of Fossett's. With acts from all over the world it lives up to its title as theatre of the people and is the ultimate multicultural smorgasbord. Cooking in the ring in the Big Top Anita plans to fuse the jaw dropping acts of Fossett's with the mouth watering dishes of the Mediterranean, creating a truly unique Guerrilla Gourmet experience.


The Recipes:

Slow Cooked Oxtail With Brunello Wine And Handmade Pappardella Pasta

Marinated Sirloin Of Beef On Rocket With Chargrilled Lemon And Shaved Parmesan

Creamy Smoked Haddock And Chive Risotto

Chocolate Cake


Anita Thoma
Anita Thoma
Clowning around
Clowning around
Trapese artist
Trapese artist