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The Chef: Kevin Thornton

Kevin Thornton is a gastronomic legend in this country. His Michelin starred restaurant is lauded as one of the best in the country and its success is down to the intensity with which Kevin thinks about food and the artistic flair he brings to the plate. Kevin's passion means he shoots from the hip, sometimes straight into controversy. When he is not venting his creative energy in the kitchen he pursues his second love, photography, and he still finds time to come face to face with some of his ingredients when scuba diving. Kevin is married with two sons and two grand children and no, he does not carry a 'chip' on his shoulder. Kevin's spiritual approach to food meant there was only one place worthy of his Guerrilla Gourmet restaurant - the Rock of Cashel. In the ultimate home coming Kevin Thornton becomes the first man in centuries to cook up a feast fit for a Bishop on the Rock, and all within sight of the house he grew up in as a child.


The Venue: The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland's most visited heritage sites. It was originally the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster. They say St Patrick visited here in the 5th Century and Brian Boro was crowned here some 6 centuries later. The surviving buildings are ecclesiastical in nature and reflect the religious importance of the site in more recent times. As a child Kevin and his friends had the run of the site and knew every nook and cranny. Now he's returning home to create heavenly food in the old Cathedral, with diners eating in the divine surroundings of the Vicar's Choral.


The Recipes:

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Sea Urchin With Brunoise Of Vegetables With Sea Urchin Cream

Roast King Scallop With Sugar Snap, Caviar and Gold Leaf

Loin of Rabbit with Carrot Cones, Pearl Onions, Truffle Sauce

Poached Burgundy Pears with Pear Parfait and Sorbet


Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton
Hard at work
Hard at work