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The Genealogy Roadshow

Programme 3

The Genealogy Roadshow

Episode Three - Derry Stories

rish Connections of Che Guevara
After hearing that South American revolutionary Che Guevara had Irish roots with the surname Lynch, Raymond Pollock from Portstewart hopes to prove that he has the revolutionary gene.

US Vice President's Irish Roots
Historian Turtle Bunbury sets the students of Lumen Christi College the task of looking into local records to find a Derry connection to the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, Barack Obama's right hand man. What will these budding genealogists dig up?

The Lost Village of Audleystown
Stephen Myall from Swords goes in search of more knowledge about a local myth, the Lost Village of Audleystown. Legend says the villagers were forced off the land and the village levelled on the whim of a wicked landowner. The team investigate to separate fact from fiction.

The Notorious Chicago May
Helen Murphy visits the roaddshow with some relatives to find out whether they are all related to a notorious international criminal known as Chicago May. This Longford woman was a female Al Capone, known as the Queen of the Blackmailers. Does Helen really want to be part of the family?

Granny kept her identity a Secret
Michael Kenning from Mallow knows his family are all from Belfast. Many of the men were in the Orange Order. When his grandmother died, they found information that suggested she was a Catholic from Cork, rather than the protestant from Liverpool they thought she was. The expert team search for the truth.

Mum was in the Workhouse
Lucy Mullin from Tyrone and her sister Rose travel to the Roadshow in Derry to find information about their mother. Having heard a story that she had been evacuated to Omagh during The Blitz and ended up in a Workhouse, they are in search of the truth.

Blessed Oliver Plunkett
Brian Murphy, living in Knockbridge, Co. Louth, has a remarkable family tree that goes all the way back to 1750. Having been told a story that says he is related to Blessed Oliver Plunkett, the Roadshow team of experts investigate to see if they can make the family connection to the Saint.


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