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The Genealogy Roadshow

Programme 2

The Genealogy Roadshow

Episode Two UCC Cork

The War of Independence
Miriam Ball and her husband Kevin discovered letters that suggested her grandfather, Michael McHugh, was a close friend of Michael Collins during the War of Independence.

Irish Soldiers in the First World War
Brigid Conneely from Cobh, Co. Cork promised her mum that she would try to find out more about her father's service in the Munster Fusiliers during The Great War. We look into his medal records to see where he fought and the battles he survived.

The Industrial Schools
Mary Murphy from Galway appeared on Series One of The Genealogy Roadshow and discovered her father had been a ward of the state as a little boy. She returns with new records to find out once and for all who her father was and where he was from. The revelations uncovered reveal a truth Mary never expected.

The Doneraile Conspiracy
Eamonn Burke from Kildare came to the roadshow hoping to prove that he is related to the hero of a famous trial in Cork which included murder, a conspiracy and Daniel O'Connell himself fighting for an innocent man in court. We investigate the full tale of The Doneraile Conspiracy.

The Irish Family of Henry Ford
Michael O'Reagan and his cousin Donal Murphy are two proud Cork men who have long-since believed that they are related to another famous son of Munster, the industrialist Henry Ford, inventor and founder of Ford Cars. Can they finally find the proof after all these years?


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