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The Genealogy Roadshow

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The Genealogy Roadshow

The North East episode of The Genealogy Roadshow was filmed on Saturday July 9th in the historic surroundings of Slane Castle, Co Meath. Hundreds of people from all over the region turned up to looking to explore their family's stories. The Roadshow also provided the perfect opportunity to pick up hints and tips from the show's Genealogy SWAT team as they uncovered other people's family roots.

Some of the stories in the Slane Castle episode include;

  • A man who discovers his familial link to a 1916 hero and a Hollywood icon

  • We'll meet a Meath family that may have links to Irish fascists in Nazi Germany

  • A tale that has infidelity, slavery, false charges and property scams- the exciting story of a family that may be related to the man who was the the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel 'Kidnapped'

  • The heart wrenching story of a woman who believed her grandmother was an only child until she discovered 13 other siblings on the 1911 Census

  • A man who may be even more closely related to Barack Obama than 'Henry the 8th'

  • A family who finally discover what happened to their great grandfather, who walked out on his family and left for America

  • A Kildare man who is searching for his great grandfather's grave


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