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The Genealogy Roadshow

Programme 1

The Genealogy Roadshow

Starts Sunday 21st August at 6.30pm on RTÉ One

The Munster episode of The Genealogy Roadshow was filmed on Sunday June 19th in the sumptuous surroundings of Adare Manor, Co Limerick. Hundreds of people from all over the province turned up to looking to explore their family mysteries, stories and connections to famous events and people. The Roadshow also provided the perfect opportunity to pick up hints and tips from the show's Genealogy SWAT team as they uncovered other people's family roots.

Some of the stories in Episode 1, to be broadcast on Sunday August 21st at 6.30pm on RTE 1 include:

  • A young lady whose relative boarded the HMS Titanic at Cobh on its maiden voyage, with disastrous consequences.

  • A school student's connection to a heroic fighter in the The Siege of Kilmallock in Co. Limerick during the 1867 Fenian Rising, but whose side was he on?

  • A woman who came to complete the work of her deceased father in making a familial link to a Nobel Laureate and the silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin.

  • An Irish - Australian woman, who has returned to see if she can shed some light on her ancestor who was from the Middleton Workhouse in Co Cork, and was sent to 'populate' Australia as a teenager during the famine.

  • A Clare man discovers how his great uncle managed to survive the most brutal battles of the First World War, only to die in the final German Offensive.

  • A man who hopes to make a link to two men who were hung during the violent era of land agitation in 1830's Cork, despite the possible pleadings of The Great Liberator and Kerryman, Daniel O'Connell.

  • A lady who put her grandmother's claim to be related to Ireland's first Catholic Cardinal to the test.

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