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Francis Brennans Grand Tour

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Francis Brennans Grand Tour

In this brand new six part series Francis Brennan becomes a unique guide who brings sixteen brave Irish tourists around six major European destinations. This epic twelve day journey will bring them from Barcelona to Rome . What could possibly go wrong?

Francis Brennan, bravely embarks on his biggest challenge to date - becoming a tour guide for sixteen paying tourists who are taking the trip of a lifetime.

With his 5 star hotel experience there's a lot of pressure on Francis to get it right. But he's never been a tour guide and even armed with local knowledge and a rather impressive tour banner, he's way outside his comfort zone. There are 16 demanding tourists to keep in check, soaring temperatures, an Italian coach driver, fistfuls of facts and figures and a jam-packed 24/7 schedule that leaves no room for error.

Will Francis keep the group happy and together? Is he destined to excel as a tour guide, or should he stick to the day job? He may cut a dash in his Panama hat but is he tailor-made for travel? Is this a mission too far?

Follow the adventure in this 6-part brand new series featuring Barcelona, Carcassonne, Cannes, the Italian Lakes, Tuscany and Rome.

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