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Lorraine Keane

Today we are joined by the lovely Lorraine Keane, who is currently touring the country with the hilarious production Girl's Night. She is here with us to discuss a survey that she has been partnered with which has been launched this week by Dairy Gold, it highlights the lack of vegetable consumption by families here in Ireland and the problems they are faced with when trying to get their children to eat vegetables.

The findings of the survey were released on Monday 27th February; it reveals that vegetables are a source of conflict at Irish family mealtimes. This nationwide survey of 400 adults living in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick was carried out on behalf of Dairygold in February 2012

The survey was carried out by Dairygold to mark the launch of its Butter It With Dairygold campaign which encourages Irish families to add a scoop or a dollop of Dairygold to enhance the nation's favourite vegetables - potatoes, carrots and peas.

- 58% of Irish parents admit they avoid serving vegetables at mealtimes to keep the peace

- Over half of Irish parents have difficulty getting their children to eat vegetables.

- 60% of all families encourage children to eat vegetables by adding flavor.

- 60% of parents believe adding some fun is key to getting kids to eat vegetables.

- 15% of parents rarely if ever serve vegetables to their children at meal times.

Website - Butter it with dairygold website

Show listings for Girls NIght

Theatre Royal, Waterford - 27th Feb - 3rd March

Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork - 5th - 10th March

University Concert Hall, Limerick -13th - 15th March

INEC, Killarney - 20th - 21st March

Dean Crowe Theatre, Athlone - 22nd March

Royal Centre, Castlebar - 23rd - 24th March

Moat Theatre, Naas - 26th - 27th March

Mullingar Arts Centre - 28th - 29th March

Ramor Theatre, Virginia - 30th - 31st March

Gaiety Theatre, Dublin - 10th - 21st April