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Famous Fashion Friday!

Georgia Salpa- model & men's fave!

We all want to know the secrets behind celebs and their style, what mistakes they've made and what their best ever bargains were. The men of Ireland certainly know this week's guest - it's model and columnist - Georgia Salpa!

The nation has seen quite a lot of Georgia Salpa, but how would you describe your sense of style when you're not working?

Probably really casual. Converse jeans etc. I'm not really a girly girl- I much prefer jeans & t-shirts.

My style changes every day with my mood. One day I'll wear a flowery dress with tights &boots - the next day it would be skinny jeans & high heels. I love shoes and jackets, I have about 30 jackets and I love accessories too.

I change my style of clothes all the time but the only I don't like would be the glitzy look- like lots of little dresses. I hate the wag look.

Do you feel your style has grown with you or were you stylish from a particularly young age?

I probably learned most from my Mam. She loves clothes. I used to dress up all the time as a child - my Granny used to make clothes and my family were really arty so that helped.

Was there ever a time where you felt you got it wrong in terms of fashion?

Yes, loads of times! I love clothes and I've got a big collection of vintage clothes. Sometimes I might look chav and sometimes I just go with my mood so you never know.

What would you say was your best ever bargain?

I have loads of good bargains. Definitely one of my best was a pair of Christian Dior shoes I got in a vintage shop in Australia for $60. And also a pair of ankle boots I got in "shoe rack" for €10.

Do you have a favourite store/shopping area?

My favourite shop is Zara - I love that it's High st and inexpensive but still really fashionable. I love shops like All Saints & Penneys too.

I travelled for two years, back-packing all around the world. I love Asia for shopping - there was a market in Bankok called the Chatachuck market- it was incredible for bargains!

I will admit though that I have a designer handbag obsession and usually blow my cash on them. I have 3 Chanel bags, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and loads more...

In your opinion, what are the best and worst aspects of the trends for Autumn/Winter?

I hate that uber trendy London look . Super trendy with quiffy hair cut & glasses. It's a really London look - Agyness Deyn kind of look. It's too trendy for me.

I like leather jackets with fur gilets over them. Skinny jeans are a staple forever. I especially love the Salsa jeans that give you a bum! They're fab. They really lift your bum. They're between €70-€110 in BT2.

Do you have a particularly special item of clothing, either sentimental or favourite for other reasons?

I have three or four wardrobes full. I'm OCD when it comes to organising, so it would be really hard for me to let anything go. I have a great pair of Ankle Boots from Topshop thgough - I wear them with everything and a blazer from Zara that I couldn't part with either!

In terms of designers, who are you a fan of at the moment?

I like YSL, I like Zac Posen, Blue Girl, Burberry Prorsum - all stuff that I can't afford. But it's always nice to look at. I got a pair of Phillip Lim trousers and I love them.

What key pieces do you think you'll be investing in this season?

I would love a great leather jacket. I want a pair of over the knee leather boots. Alexander McQueen over the knee boots are amazing. I'd also love one of those new big, soft leather miu miu bags.

You've got a new column with the Star on Sunday, how did this come about? Who would be your dream interviewee?

I did a gossip column. Filling in for Kathyrn Rogers and they thought it was good so I just got the gig.

I'd love to interview reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian. I think it's all completely fake.

Is journalism something you'd like to get into more?

I like doing different stuff. It's nice to switch it up a bit. I want to try a few things.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'm a really spontaneous person so I don't know where I see myself in 10 years. I back packed round the world for 2 years.

I think the people of Melbourne were dead cool. Asian people are also really fashionable. Tokyo & Hong Kong were really trendy. Harajuku was mad - deadly.