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For One Night Only

Dickie Rock

For One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary Black

Friday 1st Spetember 9:50pm RTÉ ONE
The final episode in this series of For One Night Only celebrates the musical talents of the showband legend, Dickie Rock, who has spent seven decades in the music industry. He brings us on a musical journey and talks life, love, music, family, future hopes and dreams.

From The Candy Store On the Corner to Every step of the Way Dickie belts out the hits to an audience of his loyal fans. He talks about the triumphs and tragedies that have shaped his life: the death of his brother and later his son, Joseph; his other son's battle with drug addiction and the effect it had on himself and his wife, Judy; his own indiscretion that was played out in the media and how, after it all, he and Judy are still very much in love and happy.

He also reveals why he left The Miami Show band, how he ended up playing for Prince Rainier of Monaco in the Hotel de Paris and why, after everything, home is where he wants to be and where he feels happiest.

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