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For One Night Only

Sinéad O'Connor

For One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary Black

Friday 3rd August 9:30pm RTÉ ONE
Kicking off the series with a bang is Sinéad O'Connor. Following on from the release of her critically acclaimed album 'How about I be me and You be You' Sinéad brings us on a musical journey that spans the length of her varied career.

No stone is left unturned as Gay delves into the stories behind the songs and the many events that occurred around the release of her albums. Now, 20 years on from the infamous 'Pope' incident she reflects on the effect it had on her career.

Singing hits from throughout her career, her latest single 'The Wolf is getting married' the story behind her biggest hit 'Nothing compares 2U' her favourite song of all time, Psalm 33 and many more...

Throughout the show, Sinéad talks openly about her struggles with Depression, Religion, where her love of Music comes from, her relationship with her Mother, how her outspoken nature has gotten her into trouble and her hopes for the future.

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