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For One Night Only

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For One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary Black

Paul Brady
In front of an invited audience of 200 fans, Gay Byrne this week interviews singer/songwriter Paul Brady about the stories and context behind some of his greatest hits.

He talks about how he was an unhappy emigrant in America and how it lead to him writing the first song he was happy with - Crazy Dreams.

The Lakes of Pontchatrain is the next song that he performs and he recounts the time he was summoned to London to teach Bob Dylan how to play it - even moving Dylan's hands on the frets when he was playing it right.

Steel Claw was his song which appeared on Tina Turner's Private Dancer album. He describes what influenced the writing of the song and how the song came to be recorded by Tina.

On a more personal note he sings Helpless Heart which he wrote for his wife Mary and talks about his relationship with her.

He plays the programme out with Nobody knows - explaining he has always been fascinated by the role that chance has played in his own and others lives.

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