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For One Night Only

Programme 5

For One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary BlackFor One Night Only Mary Black

Mary Black
Tonight Mary Black tells her life story through her songs, From Past the Point of Rescue to Bright Blue Rose, she speaks about her childhood and her faith. For the first time ever she duets with her son Danny (from The Coronas) on a song they wrote together, Your Love, after her mother Patty died in 2003.

She also speaks, for the first time, about her spells of depression and how singing has been a cathartic experience for her. Colombus and Song for Ireland also feature. Mary shares her secrets on how she coped with life on the road, as well as being a busy mum, in what has been a stellar career spanning almost 30 years. The programme ends with the latest single from her new album Marguerite and the Gambler.

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