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For One Night Only

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For One Night Only Bob GeldofFor One Night Only Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof
Tonight Bob Geldof tells his life story through his songs, - he brings us back to the beginning with Rat Trap - he speaks about his traumatic childhood and how after his mother's untimely death when he was 7, he was 'basically left to fend for himself'. He also speaks of the bleak 80's and his life time spent working in an abattoir - which inspired the song Rat Trap.

Following on from this he talks about the Boomtown Rats controversial career - which included the ill-fated gig at Leixlip castle. He also reminds Gay that although he deliberately set out to shake things up on the Late Late, he regretted upsetting his late father.

He moves on to recount his solo career, singing The Great Song of Indifference which was a total departure from his early songs and music with the Rats.

He also speaks about his new lease of life and the love and peace he has found with Jeanne and sings the song inspired by her - Dazzled by You.

He also speaks, for the first time on television about how he seriously contemplated suicide after his traumatic break up from Paula Yates and how the only thing that pulled him through were his kids.

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