The Takeover

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RTÉ Two, Thursday 30 August 2012, 9.30pm

The Takeover sees real people take the fight for their jobs into their own hands in the most radical business makeover format ever. A struggling company is turned upside down when the boss stands aside for two weeks and the workers takeover the workplace.

In the pilot episode we meet cake makers Tea Time Express, a nostalgic Irish brand that is now a struggling business. In a last ditch attempt to revive the business and return the bakers to a five day working week, they challenge their employees to make the changes they've always dreamed of. When the bosses return at the end of the fortnight they are presented with the results of The Takeover and find out whether the employees have done enough - or done damage.

But what happens when the bakers, encounter the harsh realities of running a business? How do they cope with life in sales and top level management - and vice versa? Business expert, Norah Casey is on-hand, but she is not going to save the day. It's her role to help the staff be the experts. With the pressure on and all the employees accountable for their own futures, we see the impact on everything from client to team relationships that could either benefit them in the long term or be detrimental to their futures.





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