What the Distributors are saying about RTÉ FORMAT FARM

Andrew Zein
SVP Creative, Format Development and Sales)
Warner Bros. International Television Production
Supporting and distributing 'THE HIT' and 'LOVE CLINIC'

"The RTÉ Format Farm is a brilliant initiative for bringing the best original Irish TV entertainment formats, that have the potential to work across the world, to screen. We have enjoyed working in partnership with the many talented Irish producers and RTÉ and look forward to taking these brand new formats to market."

Eric Kafoe
Director of Acquisitions
Sony Pictures Television
Supporting and distributing 'THE TAKEOVER'

"The premise of handing a company's reigns over to the workers offers some brilliant personal stories, countless scenarios and is highly adaptable in any territory so we can't wait to take it to market. The Takeover's initial broadcast on RTE has generated an impressive momentum that we are now set to continue internationally."

Vasha Wallace
SVP Global Acquisitions and Development
Supporting and distributing 'SIX IN THE CITY'

"We're really pleased to be working with Ireland's top public broadcaster RTÉ on the Format Farm initiative, which will bring top Irish formats to the world. We see huge potential with 'Six In The City', it's a fun, fresh idea that we think audiences worldwide will really respond to."





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