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Flesh & Blood RTÉ One, Tuesday 9.30pm

Lynda Sheridan

Lynda Sheridan confronts the painful legacy of a hidden life in the third programme in the six-part documentary series Flesh & Blood. Exploring the silent tragedies behind six extraordinary lives, Flesh & Blood asks to what extent we are controlled by the secrets of our past?

Reflecting on her extraordinary life, Lynda Sheridan has come to one conclusion: ''I was the best Dad in the world, probably because I was a woman.'' Carmel and Liam Sheridan married in their teens and had two daughters. Although theirs was a happy family, bringing up his family meant Liam had to suppress his true self, a self he had been battling, internally, for years.

It was Carmel who first asked Liam to go out with her. But when Liam broke down, it was his new girlfriend's quiet understanding that changed his life. "It was the biggest moment of my life," he says. They subsequently married.

But it wasn't until Carmel was tragically diagnosed with cancer that they finally decided to reveal the truth behind the rumour and speculation that had circulated for years amongst friends, family and neighbours.

And so after Carmel died, and with her death bed blessing, Liam surgically became Lynda, and set out to live the rest of his days as the woman he always felt he was meant to be.

The third programme in the Flesh & Blood series is a story of immense courage in the face of prejudice, loss and misunderstanding.

Liam with his family