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Dinah O'Dowd

Boy George's mother Dinah O' Dowd recalls her violent marriage and explains why she believes the human spirit can overcome such horrific abuse

Shame drove Dinah O'Dowd from Dublin in the 1950s but she went from the frying pan into the fire.  For over 40 years an abusive husband took her identity and voice away from her but all that changed when her son, Boy George, hit the big time.

Boy George thought his mother was weak because he couldn't understand why she stayed in such a destructive marriage. Now, after hearing Dinah's story he feels ashamed for thinking like that. 

There are a lot of tears in Dinah's story, a lot of pain and perhaps some regret and guilt, but as Dinah says, 'this is not a sob story.' It's a story of triumph. It's about how the human spirit can and will overcome torrential abuse and violence and win out in the end. 

Interviewees include Boy George, Richard and David O'Dowd, Dinah's sisters Phyllis and Annie.