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Brendan Mullins

Flesh & Blood asks to what extent we are controlled by the secrets of our past?

Brendan Mullins has been trying to put the pieces of the jigsaw together now for years. The shadow of dark events way back in the 1920s have always hung over the old family farm, and Brendan knows it had something to do with a disagreement between his father and his aunt. He also knows that his father blamed his own two brothers and sister for the death of his six week old daughter Anastasia, claiming the little girl had died as a direct result of the family feud.

When Brendan's grandfather left the family farm to his father and mother, Brendan's Aunt disputed the will. The ensuing fued saw Brendan's father stripped of all livestock and machinery. The hardship was to result in the death of their young infant ...

The legacy of the fued still hangs over Brendan to this day. Although isolated from most of his extended family, many of whom live just a few miles away, Brendan is determined to get to the bottom of this dark mystery. Meeting his long lost cousins, Brendan hopes at last to repair the damage of the past, so that it won't continue into the future.

"Don't let the sun go down on your anger because for you, like us all, there may never be another sunrise," says Brendan today. "I'm a believer that things come down through family line. Anger is something that is generally not your own. It's something given to you or handed on to you and unless you're able to find out the source of that anger, deal with it, then you pass it on again to the next generation in another form."

Brendan Mullins