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'Dear Audrey'

From the age of six Audrey Delaney was sexually abused by her father. She endured the horror of it all by tearing at the wallpaper in her bedroom and imagining herself in some other family, many years ago. Undermined and humiliated, she struggled through her early childhood, where her only distraction was her love of dancing with the Billy Barry troupe at the Gaiety theatre.

Her adolescence was marked by trouble in the various schools she went to, and by an increasing reliance on drink and drugs. It was only as an adult with children of her own, that she took on the task of re asserting her rights, and confronting her father with the truth of what he had done to her. He pleaded guilty in court, and is currently serving 4 years in jail for the abuse of Audrey and several other little girls in their neighbourhood. Audrey went for an intensive de tox course in Thailand, and began to find peace in Buddhism.

The day before the trial , Audrey received a letter from her father, admitting the wrong of what he had done to her. But was the letter an example of true remorse, or merely a tactic advised by her father's barrister, to impress the judge and lighten his sentence. In this frank and moving documentary, Audrey relieves the story of her difficult life, and maps out the journey that has turned her into the cheerful outgoing mother that she is today.

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