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Five Women Go Back to Work
Five Women Go Back to WorkRTÉ One, Off Air

Programme 2

Tuesday 13th January

In programme two of the six-part series, the women try to get to grips with the most important page of their new magazine - the cover.

A good cover image will sell more magazines. The five women discuss the cover together and decide that an image of themselves on the cover is perfect for their magazine aimed at working women. Journalist Belinda books a photographer and organises a photo shoot.

However, as time nears for the photo shoot, it transpires that there is a problem - the deal that Belinda made with the photographer limits the amount of times the company can use the images without further payment to the photographer. The photo shoot cannot go ahead unless the terms of the deal with the photographer are changed. As the editor, the book stops with Corinna, so she ends up dealing with the backlash from management.

Eventually the finer points of the contract are ironed out, and the photo shoot goes ahead.

Meanwhile Salesperson Clare has a challenge of her own. She is given a sales target of €7,500 and is moved to the Sales Area of the office where the management think she will be able to concentrate better. She's seriously under pressure and is all too aware that without sales, there will be no magazine. Will she be able to hit her target?

At the end of the programme one of the five is deemed 'The One To Watch' by the management. Who will have impressed them this week and could be on their way to securing a job with Ashville Media?

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