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Father And Son
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Father And Son: Episode Four

(Final Episode)

Michael (Dougray Scott) and Sean (Reece Noi) agree to the police deal - insider information on guns and drugs in exchange for a reduced sentence for Sean. Conroy (Ian Hart) arranges a secret, early morning meeting between Michael and Sean in prison, so Sean will be able to get the information from his father and then give it to the police. But Barrington (Terence Maynard) is suspicious. He phones Michael, unaware he's in the jail. Today is the day for his escape and he doesn't want anything to go wrong. Michael reassures him.

During their meeting Sean reveals to Michael what really happened to Lynn. Michael is shocked - it's a deeply emotional but cathartic moment between father and son. And Michael can't deny it, Lynn's death was a consequence of Michael's past life.

In Ireland, the two detectives arrive back to see Anna (Flora Montgomery), barging into the house and tying her up. One of them takes photos of Anna on his mobile . In Manchester Augustine Conlon (Stephen Rea) shows Michael the photo of Anna tied up and tells him the two rogue Gardai, in his pay, are holding her prisoner. If Michael kills Barrington he's home free, if he doesn't, Anna dies.

Michael sets about carrying out Barrington's plan. As he's wheeling Barrington down the corridor to freedom, Michael sees Connie and Sean, who are just saying goodbye to his grandfather, John (John Kavanagh). Sean ducks out of sight. Connie lets Michael go.

In an abandoned factory Barrington is set free. Michael tells him he's going nowhere. This is it. This is the world they made. He kills Barrington. He kills him to save Anna, to save his unborn child and to set Sean free from the past. There's no going back for Michael now but he's finally at peace with himself.

Augustine and Michael
Augustine and Michael
Augustine and Tony
Augustine and Tony